Monday, 6 August 2012

Confident In Trading

If you not confident to entry any post, don't post anything, While you open frame of trading, usually in your heart is say 'i want to post entry'. This is one of emotional setting in the human mind. So, this is a not good way to come a better trader.

All trader dreaming a lot of successfully in their trading. If this is not a dream about any trader, so what their mission in the world.

So, confident is the first thing to make a good trader. How to get a confident?

Monday, 2 July 2012

A Swap Free Forex Account

Swap free Forex accounts are set up specifically for Islamic Forex trading. These accounts specifically apply to Forex accounts that must be free of swaps and interest earnings. All of these accounts comply with Shariah laws and do not accumulate interest or swap fees.

The swap free Forex accounts are free from Riba, which is unearned interest. There are also no roll over charges. Anyone can apply for a swap free Forex account as long as they do not abuse the privilege. If brokers feel you are taking advantage of the swap free account they have the right to cancel the account.

When setting up a new swap free Forex account you will need to tell the broker that you want to set up an account that complies with Islamic Shariah Laws. All major brokers will be able to accommodate this request. They charge a flat fee on all trades and avoid trades that cannot be completed on the spot. Since trades cannot be made toward a future date, this will comply with the Shariah laws.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Trade With What Are You Thinking

As a financial dreams as well as stable, of course, many person are looking the best method to realize what the dream is achieved. In this world, have many different ways to obtain financial resources to get suppot in your life.

As a Muslim, certainly there are limits in the search for financial resources. The underlying economic resources that should be studied and understood what he doing.

Forex market is a popular method in this world. Overall country has doing a forex for economical progress. Everybody in this world also must be involved in the forex. This is because, when you going  to another country, it had to happen the forex. Can not escape, one has to convert his money into the currency of another country.

Islamic Account For Muslim Trader

Picture only for example

Today, all muslim have a choice while many broker build an Islamic Account. For muslim, this is a special awards while an islamic way have a part in the system of trading in foreign exchange. Before this, muslim trader don't have any option and must used current account.

But now, all muslim can smile while this situation done. Many broker now launch an Islamic Account expecially target for muslim trader to trade in forex. This is a good situation for finance and economy for all person.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Forex Trader Behavior

Mind will process anything our hearts burst. In forex trading, the majority of amateur traders trade with the target: I want to become a millionaire, I get rich. Mind to the process but normally induced heart mind will 'hang' for how to realize the matter if there is no knowledge?

So, if you want to be an excellent trader, say this to yourself: I trade for KNOWLEDGE. Induced understand the mind and will facilitate the knowledge we receive forex trade. Trade with knowledge and Trade for the Rich are two different acts. Typically, individuals who trade for the rich are often Loss and Margin Call.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Trade with Bismillah

As a Muslim, confidence should be placed in the heart that all things are from God. People unable to get their own sustenance except Allah had given him.

God is the Lord of the Worlds. As a Muslim, this belief must be in the heart of every person.

In the forex, a Muslim not only trade using technical knowledge, but a Muslim trader will always involve God in every business. Among these actions are, they will recite 'Bismillah' when they want to do post.

We will continue to discuss trade forex in the mind of a Muslim!

Friday, 15 June 2012


Forex in one of the solution for all people in the world. This solution means, absolutely for setup about financial in that person life.

Everyone know, trade in forex is not easy. If trade forex easy, all people in the world can consentrate with this career without working in another filled.

In this blog, i will share with all of you, about trade forex with your own knowledge. Every person a own mind, so this is one of the important thing to brain wash what your mind can be do.

So, follow with me to we sharing about this knowledge. Hope we can keep sharing. Enjoy yourself.